Is this the best time?

Artie was telling me that he was thinking about buying a new guitar. He is under the impression that this is the time to get the best prices of the year. So I offered to help him look around, and asked him for some suggestions on keywords to use online to help him with his search. He told me to start out using the key words “best buy guitars.” I had recently read an article about how search engines were going to start being more user friendly so that people could put more words in their search. Words that search engines used to consider “stop words” (words like “on”) were now going to be incorporated into search engine results. I hope that is true, because sometimes it is challenging trying to figure out exactly what words to type in the search engine’s search fields.

Reducing Expenses

While it is true that people want to give their relatives the best, one area where families continually struggle is in the cost of burials. There are close to 19,000 funeral homes in the United States, and these homes report that the average cost of a funeral can run as high as $7,000. For some families, this can be prohibitively expensive, which is why it is increasingly common for people to seek alternatives or to fund their funeral while they’re alive.

One way people do this is by seeking out the most affordable cremation they can get in order to reduce the costs. A cremation, on average, is at least $1,000 less on average, and that’s only if there’s a viewing that’s conducted at the funeral home itself. There are many ways in which this price can be reduced further.

What a family chooses is, in the end, a personal choice that arises from a mixture of their personal finances and the wishes of the deceased. Advanced planning can help to bring down the costs of this expenses as well, but everyone should start thinking about their funeral costs while they’re still alive. That can only help those you leave behind.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Today I worked so very hard to cook a huge Thanksgiving dinner and it was oh, so worth it! The turkey was 26 pounds and it was spectacular! I had two kinds of dressing, two kinds of potatoes, two kinds of cranberry sauce, my signature corn pudding, and a pumpkin and a red velvet cake.

I ate so much I can hardly walk! Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the entire year. I hope you had as nice a meal and enjoyable day with your loved ones as I did today.

Pumpkin Shopping

Today we picked up Mother and went Krogering to take advantage of senior citizens day discounts. We decided we might as well each buy a couple of pumpkins for Halloween. Kroger had huge boxes of the biggest pumpkins in town and they were only charging $5.99 – no matter how big or small the pumpkin. I thought that was a very good price and have seen other stores charging much more for inferior produce. We bought two pumpkins – one is smaller and fully round and the other is taller with a narrow “face.” so I can get busy carving two very different characters into the pumpkins this weekend. When I’m finished I’ll have Mother choose which one she likes best and she can have that one for her porch. And the other will have a place of honor on our front porch.