It really is not that hard to find health insurance

Sometimes I get so aggravated with some of my friends. For example, Peggy was complaining that she cannot find good health insurance. I asked her if she even went online to look for it, and she admitted that she had not. When I finished banging my head on the table, I went online for her, and within three minutes I had found nc health insurance complete with contact information for her to use to get a few quotes. I really wish Peggy would spend as much time being productive as she spends complaining – she would get so much done!

Perfect Eggs

In Memory of My Grandmother

I was blessed with lots of grandparent participation in my growing up. My paternal grandmother was the sweetest lady I’ve ever known. Today would have been her birthday, so I have extra fond thoughts of Grandma today.

She never ever said a mean thing or a bad word about anyone else. She came to America on the Queen Elizabeth right after WWI was over, to join my grandfather who was already over here. Their story is a grand love story that lasted their whole lives. She passed away on Christmas Eve, many years ago, so I can’t help but think of her on Christmas. But to be honest, I think of her almost every day anyways. She was a wonderful, dear woman I try to live my life to make her proud of me up in Heaven.

I Was Pranked

One of my Facebook friends posted that her husband just got transferred by his employer. They have to move to San Diego, California and he has to report to work out there in 30 days. She said she was excited but worried about being able to pack the whole house for the move across country, finding a new house, dealing with getting the kids in school, etc.

I was excited for her – San Diego is like the closest thing to Paradise on the mainland U.S. But it is incredibly expensive to live there and finding affordable housing is a huge problem for families. I warned her of that on her post but wished her well with the move.

Then she wrote me a private message and told me that the announcement was not true. It was an April Fool’s joke that she wanted to play on her Facebook friends.

Looking for a new amp

When Skeeter told me that he was thinking about buying a new amp, I suggested that he check out the koch amps from guitar center. I don’t know how much of a variety they will have on their website, but every time I’ve ever heard of people shopping for musical things online, people talk about how often they will find exactly what they are looking for at that website, and they will often insist that they got a good price.

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