2 Ways to Make Adoption Easier

Adoption is one of the most amazing experiences of an adoptive parent’s life – but it’s also one of the most overwhelming and frightening. You have so many questions, and you’re afraid of “messing up.” When you see your beautiful new child, a lot of your doubts will dissipate, but you’ll still be nervous and unsure. Make adoption easier for yourself so you’ll be able to devote more of your attention to your new family member.

Find an Online Community

Get expert guidance for adoptive parents online from other parents who have gone through the same thing as well as trained counselors and staff members. Not only will the right online community help you find a child up for adoption, but it’ll also support you and answer any questions you have before, during and after the adoption process.

Look Into Financing

Tax credits, donations, scholarship funds for your new child and loans are all options for prospective adoptive parents. Adopting is a considerable expense, but it shouldn’t stand between you and providing a loving home for a child in need. Ask adoption experts in your online community how to save money.

Adopting may seem daunting, but you’re not alone. Find the right support network and make your money go further so you and your new child can start your new lives together as soon as possible.


Happy Fourth of July, America!

Fireworks free clip art

Fireworks free clip art

I love the Fourth of July. It’s summer’s best day – unless it rains during the fireworks. But that’s never ever happened in all my years of memories.
I love fireworks. I miss the days when people could buy huge boxes of them and take them home to light off in their own yards. My brothers and sisters used to each spend a bunch of money of fireworks and then all of us gather at my father’s beach house to set them off together. We would spend 5-6 hours shooting off fountains in the sand and roman candles over the river. It was always a great day of togetherness and fun. I miss that so much.

Breakfast for Dad

With today being Father’s Day, we all got up early and went out for breakfast. Hubby got to pick where he wanted to go. Can you guess where we went?

Golden Corral!

They have a nice assortment of food and it usually tastes pretty good. The kids love the dessert section, with all kinds of cakes and puddings and soft self serve ice cream with 6 different toppings.

Good deals on open boxes

open box (free clip art)

open box (free clip art)

When Jeff was telling me that he was getting a great deal on a new mockingbird guitar he confided that the great price was because it was an “open box.” The term “open box” scares me a bit, and let me explain why. A few times I have purchased things at local stores at a reduced price because it had been an “open box.” I was assured that everything was there, in good working order.

However, I was also told “all sales final.” When I got home and actually unpacked what I had purchased, there were parts missing. Going back to the store with the box, asking for the missing parts, I was turned away. I was not even given the chance to purchase the missing parts because they did not have them – they would have had to open another box to give them to me, and they would not do that! And no refund, no exchange, no satisfaction of any kind, either! So, when someone tells me that they are getting (or got) a good deal on an “open box” item, I always hope (for their sake) that they are actually getting all the parts they need, everything is in working order, and that the warranty is valid!

Flowers for Mom

Mothers Day (free clip art)

Mothers Day (free clip art)

I love to send my mother flowers for Mothers Day. I also like to send her flowers on her birthday, and on my birthday too. When I was younger I wasn’t able to send her flowers because she had terrible allergies. But a few years ago she started having experimental allergy shots and now I can send her flowers anytime I want to! So I like to send her flowers a lot, to make up for the many years when I couldn’t give her flowers!

I’m thinking I’ll have the flowers sent to her office the Friday before Mother’s Day so she can enjoy the thrill of having flowers delivered to her office. I can imagine the expression on the faces of her co-workers when the flower delivery person walks into the office with the vase of flowers in hand!

I’m planning on having her come over to my house for dinner on Mother’s Day. She lives a couple of hours away from here, and since I have to get up early the next day I invited her here instead of going to her place. Besides, I want to cook her dinner for a change! 

Money is tight, so it will be a simple meal, just spaghetti and garlic bread, with a salad. I’m thinking about ice cream for dessert. But we’ll be glad to be together, and that’s what counts!